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New Eagle Concertina serial number 13135R built for Rich Kurdziel of Buffalo, NY.  The instrument is of natural cherry wood with high gloss urethane finish and traditional pineapple engraving with rhinestones.  Accenting the natural red cherry wood are white, red, gold and black outlines.  The keyboard with round buttons measures (). The instrument is a quadruple reed fitted with hand filed long plate reeds.  It has a low and three medium reeds with a thumb activated switch that disables the low reed. The bellow is an optional 18 fold with gold foil paper, white corner leather and silver sparkle celluloid corners and staves with red accents.  The instrument is equipped with a Shure low impedance microphone in the center of the bellow facing the right hand.  A final note; the chrome plated aluminum air lever is one of the last of the stock made by Eagle Concertina Mfg. founder Walter Kadlubowski, Jr.

Eagle No. 89-7-1 is a quadruple long plate reed instrument high and low thumb shift in the key of "C" owned by Rich Raclawski.


Eagle No. 91-10-2 is a quadruple, long plate reed instrument, high and low thumb shift, key of "C" owned by Randy Krajewski of Toledo, OH.


Eagle No. 94113R is a quadruple, long plate reed instrument, high and low thumb shift, key of "C" owned by Eddie Biegaj of Toledo, OH.


Eagle model S.N. 06124R  

Key of C, Long plate reeds, Mahogany veneer covered, Relief engraving with rhinestones, Celluloid corners and staves, Bellow - blue with white leather, High and low thumb switch, Reed configuration: Low, 2 mediums, and a high for real concertina sound.


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