Vintage Vornado

Thank you for choosing Crescent Industries for your vintage Vornado restoration needs. We are dedicated to preserving the “Worlds Finest Air Circulators” for your continued enjoyment as well as generations to come. Over fifty years ago the first Vornadofan was introduced to Americans. The Vornado was a product that revolutionized a fifty-year-old industry and set new standards in its field. The slogan, “Worlds Finest Air Circulator” has truly lived up its meaning. Many of the original Vornados are still in service today. This is a great tribute to Mr. O. A. Sutton and the entire staff responsible for producing Vornado Air Circulators back in the 1950’s. Quality above all, was the watchword of all personnel at The O. A. Sutton Corporation as well as pride in work. The Vornado Air Circulator is truly a timeless design in both form and function.




Throughout the years many Vornados have fallen into disrepair mostly due to age. After The O. A. Sutton Corporation ceased production of the Vornado Air Circulator in 1959 parts became increasingly harder and harder to find. Many repairs were done with generic parts that did not do the design justice. The last fifteen years has seen a trend for retro looking consumer products. These new products are nice but lack the qualities of an original. If you are fortunate enough to own a vintage Vornado and want to preserve its integrity, Crescent Industries is your source for restoration parts and services. In the words of, O. A. Sutton, “Your Vornado Air Circulator is the world’s finest.” “You will be proud to own this high-quality, high-performance Vornado Air Circulator.”

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